Blount County Animal Shelter, Inc. (BCASI) was formed in 2002 to address the problem of stray and abandoned animals. Local law enforcement estimated that thousands of stray dogs ran in packs in the rural areas. Our movement was instrumental in the hiring of the  first ever animal control officer.  We partnered with county government to  equip an animal control facility that opened in 2005.  After setting up the initial operations for the animal control facility, BCASI moved to its current headquarters in the Carl Coleman Center in Locust Fork.  This location serves as our corporate office, meeting place and staging area for animals.  It is humble, but belongs to us.

Our all volunteer group also provides the following resources for our community:

  • BSNAP, Blount Spay Neuter Assistance Program, a low or no cost voucher program  that helps reduce the overpopulation problem in our communities.
  • Pet Food Bank voucher program administered through Hope House, a community service charity
  • Reponsible Pet Ownership Program is an education outreach to local schools, youth groups and civic organizations.
  • Kind News, a humane education resource published by HSUS,  is  provided to every school and library in the county.
  • HAND, Humane Alliance Network Division, works with other humane groups to address emerging problems.
  • Pet Patrol is a group that transports dogs and cats to various adoption locations throughout the region.