Well the boys are settling in! We have renamed them. Murray (Buster) & Peppers (Homer). Peppers has come out of his shell! He is such a lover! If he can't get to me because Murray and Sadie are next to me already he will climb on the back of the couch and walk on the back of it to get in my lap!

Murray is hilarious! He keeps us laughing which helps us in our healing after the loss of our last boy, Emmit.

The boys play and play...we have had a few things destroyed but nothing major or important. The house is puppy-proofed now! Our daughter, Kylie, loves them and they are wonderful with her. She just had her birthday on the 28th and we got some party hats. Peppers let us put a hat on him!

They love the couch but still play outside. Peppers loves rawhides and Murray likes shoes. We are so happy with these guys and are very grateful for them. Thank you so much for helping us bring them home!