"Yes, you can train cats!" says Darlene Arden in the May/June edition of Rescue Proud magazine. Using interactive toys you can train your cat. Clicker training is a sue of operant conditioning to reward behavior. A clicker is a hand-held device that makes a clicking noise when pressed. It tells your cat she has done something right. The key is to associate the click with the reward.

Find out what motivates your cat: food, play, affection. In this example, food is used to demonstrate. Cut up tiny pieces of chicken or other soft food. Load the clicker, click and give kitty a treat. Repeat five or six times in quick succession. Keep sessions about four minutes-two or three times a day.


Use the treat as a lure to get kitty to sit. Move the treat in front of kitty's nose up over her head between her ears. As the head goes up the butt goes down. As soon as her butt hits the floor, click and treat. Repeat once with the lure and wait for the sit. Click and treat. Repeat about four times.

Do not use the word "sit" until she is sitting to ask for her treat. Each time her butt hits the floor, say "Good" as you give the treat. For the last correct sit, give her several small treats at once, as a jackpot, then end the session.

Eventually you will use the lure less and less to get the behavior. 

Cats are independent animals and many think untrainable, but cats can be trained to do almost anything a dog can do.

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