Erica and Golda

This is Erica. She's a 17-year-old girl recoverning from a spinal cord stroke. Golda is helping Erica along with her recovery as a therapy cat.


Tramp is a Miniature Schnauzer Mix surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him. He was rehomed as a therapy dog with an Iraq Vet. A win for all.


We adopted a beautiful cat from Petco in Gadsden, Alabama in December. We were told her was from the humane society. After checking around, we were told he was from Blount County. He is a perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much!

--Terry, Tammy, Daniel, Nathan, and Snowball



Kohen is doing great! He is adjusting to my work schedule but of course he gets so upset when I leave but not nearly as upset as me! I literally rush home every chance I get to cuddle and play. I am totally over heels in love with this little guy! This picture is from our lunch date yesterday ;)
Saturday we are taking him to meet vet and get him established with her.  So far so good, he is really a little mutton chops poop machine and I can't thank you enough for your good works!
I'll write soon. Again, I hope all pups are good!


Simba was recently adopted. Check out this video of him playing.

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I hope your adoption event went well and you managed to stay dry! Our sweet little girl has been like a different puppy today! She is so spunky and having such a good time playing with the cats. She and our orange male Sheldon have become good buddies. While she doesn't do well on a leash she won't stray far in the yard. Not too many accidents. We truly love this little girl! She got a good brushing today, and she seems to like her toy breed wellness food. She slept well last night no whimpering or anything in her own bed. :) will keep you posted!


Just wanted to thank you and all the nice folks at the shelter for adorable Haley (renamed Bailey).  She is a perfect little companion. She will be starting "school" soon.   We love her soooo much!  Thanks for all that you guys do to find loving homes for God's creatures.


A Tribute to Grace

She was just a Blount County stray that entered our lives a few days shy of 14 years ago. A scruffy, smelly, scared out her mind little thing that ran onto the porch of an isolated church at Graves Gap, one Friday night in August of 1999.

The intersection of our lives made a profound impact on my thinking over the years and convinced me to take action that would save thousands of Blount County strays, like Grace, over the last 14 years.

Grace opened my eyes to all of the unwanted animals that were being dumped in the county that had become my new home. I joined Blount County Animal Shelter and the movement to build a first animal shelter for our community, got involved in support of rescue and educated myself on pet overpopulation.

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In mid April, my 6 year old daughter and myself made our weekly trek to Petsmart to visit the animals for adoption.We weren’t actually looking to adopt one, we just liked to visit them. A cute pup named Brock caught my eye. I am not sure why I was drawn to him, there wasn’t much to him and he was a scruffy looking little guy. I was told he was 10 months old and that a lady was coming to pick him up. I didn’t give him another thought since I knew he was getting a home.

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I've been meaning to send along the pictures of Little Bitty, who I've renamed "Bueller Hansen" (from my favorite movie from the 80's, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"). Some get it, some don't...I've just always wanted a puppy to bear that name! Here are a few photos.

I have people over all the time (dinner parties at least once a week, and guests coming and going almost daily) and she is the star of the show now. Everybody says that they want to "steal her" for a day. Against the advice of many, I still let her sleep with me, mainly because it is just so hard to say no! She just curls up beside me and sleeps peacefully all night without so much as a peep. 

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