In mid April, my 6 year old daughter and myself made our weekly trek to Petsmart to visit the animals for adoption.We weren’t actually looking to adopt one, we just liked to visit them. A cute pup named Brock caught my eye. I am not sure why I was drawn to him, there wasn’t much to him and he was a scruffy looking little guy. I was told he was 10 months old and that a lady was coming to pick him up. I didn’t give him another thought since I knew he was getting a home.

About 3 weeks later, on May 7, the day before Mother’s Day, we went back, but this time we were actually looking for a pet to possibly adopt. We had barely gotten in the door when my daughter said, “that’s a cute little pup!” I turned to find a woman sitting in a chair holding a scruffy little dog. I said “That looks like Brock!” The woman replied “It IS Brock.” Right then I knew he had was meant for us. We had been there the day he was adopted and now we were there the day he was brought back.

Oddly enough, I am not much of a dog person; I have always been a huge cat lover. However, there is something about this little guy that has captured my heart 100%. He has the best personality and fits our family perfectly. He LOVES to go! At 11 months and right at 6 pounds he is most likely pretty much full grown. I have been asked things like “where is the rest of that dog?” and other silly questions, but everyone who meets him loves him! Just like a baby, it is amazing how much love and joy can come from one little soul. He goes to the ballpark with us and has been to the assisted living facility with me to visit my aunt. The women in her therapy group loved him and it was mutual. He is wonderful therapy!

His name is now Toby and I can’t thank you enough for saving this little guy who wound up being such a joy to our family!