I've been meaning to send along the pictures of Little Bitty, who I've renamed "Bueller Hansen" (from my favorite movie from the 80's, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"). Some get it, some don't...I've just always wanted a puppy to bear that name! Here are a few photos.

I have people over all the time (dinner parties at least once a week, and guests coming and going almost daily) and she is the star of the show now. Everybody says that they want to "steal her" for a day. Against the advice of many, I still let her sleep with me, mainly because it is just so hard to say no! She just curls up beside me and sleeps peacefully all night without so much as a peep.  Her favorite thing, it seems, is when we go out in the backyard. She likes to hide the hickory nuts, as though she's a squirrel, and run rapidly in laps around the yard. I could go on and on.

We also have a Weimaraner named Baylor (they sometimes confuse their names) and they've become quite the buddies (he's about 10 times her size). Anywho, that about sums it up. She's just as sweet as can be. She doesn't get into any trouble. Everybody is very jealous of how cute, well-behaved and what a "ham" she is. We're going to start training next month at 6 months for learning basic commands and such. Hopefullythat goes well.

Bueller now lives in the New England area, where the spay/neuter laws are so strict that there isn't a surplus of unwanted animals. These good people are willing to help us with our over population problem.