This is Stitch, our latest Hope Dog. His name comes from the many stitches he received. He is a sweet and humble boy. After recuperating he will be available for adoption.

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Max is a terrier mix, about a year old. He was emaciated when found and spent 6 days in the hospital under treatment for intestinal and bladder infections. Today he is a sweet and playful. When he regains some weight he has a home waiting for him.

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Sadie and her puppies

Update: Sadie and her puppies have all been adopted! Our latest rescue is an Aussie mix named Sadie. Her babies were born on Feb. 1st. Four white and brown females 3 brown males.  The babies will be available on March 15th. Look at the full article for pictures.

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Pearl arrived with 8 puppies. As you can see, she is emaciated but a loving and attentive mother. Pearl will be available for adoption once she gains a bit of weight so she can be spayed. Pearl found her forever home after rehabilitation on March 15.

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Big Red Rita

This is our first Hope Dog of 2013.  We call her Big Red Rita.  She appeared in Bangor Cove emaciated and struggling to walk. A family fed her and gave her a bed for resting until we could pick her up and get her to the vet.  The vet feels she was hit by a car and lucky to be walking with a broken back, two broken legs, and a dislocated knee cap on the third leg.  Rita has a great attitude and as evidenced by her will to overcome such damages to her body. She is really a survivor.


The G stands for gentle. Gman is German Shepherd between 7-9 years of age. He is one of many Blount County, Alabama throw aways.

GMan found his home with a family that needed to feel safe and secure.  He has a very large fenced-in yard for exercise and play.  But, he is most at home on the bed of his new owner.  Of course, that leaves very little space for his guardian.  He continues to heal from the burns he suffered, and he has scars that will never grow hair. He has gained weight and is back to standard for his breed.  Through all of his torment he has remained a calm and gentle man.

The vet says he has had a hard life. His canine teeth are worm from pulling on wire.His back is black from burns. Open sores are inflamed.

His rib and hip bones are prominent from starvation. Yet, he is friendly to all, man and other dogs. He doesn't complain. He just keeps living. Someone found Gman and cared enough to seek help. His life will be hard no longer. He is in a loving foster home.We will search until we find Gman a forever home.

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Granny Hope

Granny Hope was a white, German Shepherd that showed up at a foster's home, humbly seeking help. She didn't survive.

Little Hope

Little Hope was a black lab with two broken legs and mange. After vetting and getting her settled in foster care and tending to her needs for several weeks, the foster came home one day from church to find she had passed.

Mollie and Layla

Both Layla and Mollie have found their forever homes.

Layla has been adopted on September 9 at a PetCo National Adoption Event! Mollie has also been adopted. They are living healthy and well-adjusted lives. Read more about Layla and Mollie.

Layla has completed her heartworm treatment and has been spayed and now has a clean bill of health, ready for her forever home. She is easy going and laid back, a medium energy dog, she could become a couch potato.

Two female dogs, best friends

Two female dogs, roaming the area around Blountsville, following the nature of the beast, living on hand outs, having puppies.

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Scout found a family! Scout, a Blue Heeler Mix, was a hope dog. Scot's hind leg was damaged in the April 27th tornadoes. His estimated vet bills were $600.


Brodie came from county impound. He's a sweet little man that deserved a chance at life. He needed Hope Funds to cover the cost of evaluation and treatment for his eye. Brodie was adopted by his foster family.


After nearly a year of few adoptive prospects, Hope's foster has become her home. 

Hope appeared on the doorstep of the Gamble family in Warrior and sat there shivering for three hours before they decided to offer her a warm spot to sleep. Young Riley, a lad of only 5 years old, questioned his mom about what would happen to the dog.

Riley's mother, a breed rescuer, inquired with every animal organization that she knew, trying to find a home for the emaciated dog that was covered with sores. She finally told her son that she had no one to take the dog and that animal control was scheduled to come pick her up the next morning.  "The only thing you can do," said his mom, "is pray." Riley prayed. 

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Tyde is a cat that made his way to the shelter. He had to have an eye removed.