The G stands for gentle. Gman is German Shepherd between 7-9 years of age. He is one of many Blount County, Alabama throw aways.

GMan found his home with a family that needed to feel safe and secure.  He has a very large fenced-in yard for exercise and play.  But, he is most at home on the bed of his new owner.  Of course, that leaves very little space for his guardian.  He continues to heal from the burns he suffered, and he has scars that will never grow hair. He has gained weight and is back to standard for his breed.  Through all of his torment he has remained a calm and gentle man.

The vet says he has had a hard life. His canine teeth are worm from pulling on wire.His back is black from burns. Open sores are inflamed.

His rib and hip bones are prominent from starvation. Yet, he is friendly to all, man and other dogs. He doesn't complain. He just keeps living. Someone found Gman and cared enough to seek help. His life will be hard no longer. He is in a loving foster home.We will search until we find Gman a forever home.