Both Layla and Mollie have found their forever homes.

Layla has been adopted on September 9 at a PetCo National Adoption Event! Mollie has also been adopted. They are living healthy and well-adjusted lives. Read more about Layla and Mollie.

Layla has completed her heartworm treatment and has been spayed and now has a clean bill of health, ready for her forever home. She is easy going and laid back, a medium energy dog, she could become a couch potato.

Two female dogs, best friends

Two female dogs, roaming the area around Blountsville, following the nature of the beast, living on hand outs, having puppies.


Two female dogs, Mollie and Layla. Layla soon to have another litter of puppies on the street or in the woods.

Two female dogs causing too much trouble for someone, so they were used as target practice, both shot, each receiving a wound in the rear leg. And then a kind soul could not bear to see Mollie and Layla's prediciment any longer.

She took them in. She wanted to have them spayed but their poor condition and infected gun shot wounds would not allow it. She called BCASI for help and the dogs were placed in a foster home where their wounds were treated and kind words were showered upon them.

When they were well enough, they were spayed. Two female dogs, one testing positive for heartworms, one negative, one to go through heartworm treatment, one to go to an adoption event and find a forever home. Two female dogs, best friends, always.