After nearly a year of few adoptive prospects, Hope's foster has become her home. 

Hope appeared on the doorstep of the Gamble family in Warrior and sat there shivering for three hours before they decided to offer her a warm spot to sleep. Young Riley, a lad of only 5 years old, questioned his mom about what would happen to the dog.

Riley's mother, a breed rescuer, inquired with every animal organization that she knew, trying to find a home for the emaciated dog that was covered with sores. She finally told her son that she had no one to take the dog and that animal control was scheduled to come pick her up the next morning.  "The only thing you can do," said his mom, "is pray." Riley prayed. 

A request for help on the voice mail of Blount County Animal Shelter left by Ms. Gamble touched the heart of a volunteer and with a hopeful heart she set out to find a place for the dog that she decided to call Hope. The volunteer could find no foster home where the terrier mix could be housed and no funding to pay for all  the care she needed. But in a leap of faith, the volunteer agreed to take the dog.

Hope had little love and attention in her 2 short years of life. Her long toe nails indicated she had been confined with little exposure to the outside world. Her stomach was swollen with parasites, her skin was red and inflamed, and she needed a bath.  Her belly showed evidence that she had been a mother too many times. Hope was very humble during her veterinary exam. She remained calm and curious about her new experiences. She made no sound, no bark, not a whimper. When Hope is well enough for surgery, she will be spayed and put up for adoption.

Donations to the Hope Fun can be made at Regions Bank for the Blount County Animal Shelter, Save Hope Fund. 

Thanks to a five year old boy who prayed, Hope's life has changed forever.

Hope lives on a farm and spends her days chasing moles, running through the woods, and watching traffic drive by from her favorite spot on the hill.