Target was found and brought to BCASI in February. She is an Akita mix, estimated to be about 1.5 years of age. After being spayed, she went to her current foster in late March. She arrived at the foster with two other dogs that have since been adopted. All three were put in a large 20x30 chain link pen. When it was their turn for "out" time, Target seemed to have trouble finding the open gate. She knew the other dogs had left but she could not figure out which way to go to catch up with them. She had trouble climbing steps. This was an eye opener for us. She is vision impaired that could be related to the large "dent" in her skull.

Target continues to have trouble with objects in the shade at a distance and things under her feet, but she's getting better at locating before running into you. She does seem to stretch her front feet out-like she's feeling her way and she's always got her ears erect, listening. She's a happy, sweet, good girl, gets along with all the other dogs. Don't know if she would be able to be housebroken, she seems to have no regard for her bathroom habits. She has a "neurotic" habit of circling and pacing when excited and has made a moat around one dog house and the edge of her 20x30 pen that she now has by herself. She gets a lot of "out" time in the yard by herself and with the other dogs and usually stays out of trouble. When she's put back in her pen close to feeding time, she'll just spin and circle, but we're working on that. We're also working on sitting before eating and she's starting to catch on. Other than the large "dent" in her skull between her ears, she's perfect!

If you have a fenced in yard and can offer Target a secure compound with lost of tender love, please contact her Fosters: 

Pat Lyles and Rick Trescott
(205) 466-3183
plyles @ hopper . net